What the Devil Meant for Bad

About the Author

T.M.Duncan is originally from Louisiana and currently live in Georgia. I graduated from Savannah State University and am now studying at Southern New Hampshire University in pursuit of my Masters of Creative Writing. Needless to say, writing is a passion. If I'm not writing, then you can find me spending time with my family, reading, blogging, travelling, or trying a new YouTube'd style on my natural hair.

About the Book

Shantelle marks the third generation of women in her family to mistress as a means of making ends meet. However, the collapse of her gifted lifestyle causes her to question her mere existence. Who is she? What is her purpose? Everyone seems to know theirs but her.

She begins to realize that the life that she is living is not hers and she must make a critical choice of either stepping onto new grounds or resorting back to what she knows best.

Her decision grows even more complicated with the revelation of a familiar stranger from her past causing everything that she thinks she knows to be questioned in ways that only she can answer.

For more, be sure to visit her website: www.sofundamental.com

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