The Blueberry Miller Files

About the Author

Author A. Yamina Collins runs the popular literary blog She has been a journalist for such publications as Affluent Page and New York Resident magazines and has been featured on for women in business. The Blueberry Miller Files is her first published book.

About the Book

The Blueberry Miller Files, has just been produced by DeeBooks publishing, and it is a collection of quirky, dark, and humorous short stories that highlight the tragedy of the human condition, with a multi-ethnical cast.

One of Yamina's favorite stories in the book is about a black women named Madam Adams, who happens to be an Anglophile. While transcribing a play that she assumes is Shakespearean in its scope, we get to enter her "world" and in doing so, discover that she is both delusional and has a tendency to be quite verbose--yet she is loveable, just the same.

Here is one of Yamina's favorite speeches from her: "Indeed, it is imperative that I be brief in this brief introduction of my play, so that the play, which I am now transcribing for posterity’s sake, may commence. Yes, brief I will be indeed, for I was once informed that I sometimes allow my words to stray in any introduction that I give; that is to say that I tend to escape the initial meaning of any correspondence that I, Madam Adams de Adams de Sir, bear forth to extol, though such accusations, I believe, hold neither meaning nor truth. I am merely a storyteller, if you will (and, also, an acclaimed and extensively credentialed award-winning actress), and I hope that this, my latest play, entitled, once again for the record, Calling Viola, shall be neither long nor short, but only simple and straight to the point. My play, about which I will perhaps offer some tiny observations, will begin, quite naturally, at the beginning, if one doesn’t mind, because beginnings are always the best way to begin a tale. And so my tale will begin here, at the beginning, which in many ways is the end, but since the end signifies the essence of the beginning (and the beginning bears witness to the end), then the end really is the beginning and, therefore, that is where my play shall begin—at the beginning."

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