About the Author

Cynthia Harris Casteel was born and raised in Maryland. She attended Morgan State University and went on to be a teacher. After teaching for over 35 years, Cynthia finally retired. Her husband, Charles and she moved to Savannah, Georgia where they still are working to make a difference with the youth. Cynthia enjoys writing poems, inspiring plays and novels. 

I Am My Brother’s Keeper, Not My Brother’s Killer is her latest novel, and the first one was Frankie’s Angels. I Am My Brother’s Keeper, Not My Brother’s Killer was written out of her love for young people. Cynthia’s book was written to “awaken” them of the consequences of making some wrong choices.

About the Book

Malachi Jackson has a choice. He can go to college and get a good education, or he can join the neighborhood gang. If he joins the gang, he can make some quick money, but there are consequences for joining the gang. He wants to get out of his grandmother’s house and that quick money could really come in handy. He is also an “A” student and because this is his senior year, his mother wants him to go to college. He ends up seeing his life come to full term through the eyes of a mortician. The mortician gets to bury a lot of the neighborhood gang members and those who get caught up in the middle of these senseless killings. The gang life has consequences.

Will Malachi be his brother’s keeper or his brother’s killer? The ending will shock you!

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