Leveled Mind Confused Heart

About the author

Angelique, an administrator in local government, was born and raised in the rural Low Country of South Carolina. She first expressed her desire for writing around the age of 9 when she began creating 4" x 5½" booklets and filling them with short stories. Angelique then soon after discovered writing as a way to express her emotions and ambitions, keeping a journal for the past 14 years.

Once each journal is filled, she would destroy it to signify that her problems have been resolved, her goals have been met, and her emotions have been overcome. Angelique went on to achieve five years of higher education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before landing her job in the field of politics, which has further developed her writing ability and continues to enhance her skills as a writer and editor. Angelique currently resides in the fast-growing state of North Carolina, along with her beloved husband of one year, her curious 7-year old stepson, and a hyper yet spoiled Boston Terrier.

Leveled Mind Confused Heart is her first novel, while she is currently working on her second, We're Family...Right?, which tells the story of a young woman's rise, fall, and redemption evoked by her own family. Angelique's hobbies include writing, photography, traveling, and simply spending free time enjoying her family.

About the book

Adrienne Whitney, a small-town, country gal, ventures into a different world when she enters the realm of college. While in a rocky, long-distance relationship, she unexpectedly meets a younger yet attractive and sensual college student, who steals her attention and eventually her heart.

However, unbeknownst to her, this new stranger would bring about countless moments of passion in addition to countless hours of heartache, leading her to experience several encounters with other men. Travel the path of Adrienne in Leveled Mind Confused Heart as it chronicles her college years where she finds herself facing the ramifications of love and lust.

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Thanks for the bio on angelique. I love what you are doing for sisters, Sandra!
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