The Mouth of Babes

About the author

As a child, Tosin Coker loved to read, a passion that stemmed from a desire to know what lay in the leaves that kept her mother so enchanted for hours on end.

She eagerly anticipated her and her mother’s weekly visits to the local library and soon challenged herself to read every book in the children’s section. Between the pages of the books she read, Tosin became lost in the worlds of the characters to the point of being oblivious to all else around her.

Tosin has never stopped reading, and now she has grown to become someone who also writes, and as such has become the first female, African British science fiction author. In her spare time Tosin also hosts her radio show – Nubian Scribes, volunteers as a spokesperson for sickle cell, and inspires others to live to their full potential by way of following their soul’s true path.

About the book

Destiny “Teeny” Kingsley is a healthy, happy, vibrant ten year-old – so it comes as a complete shock to her parents and everyone else when she suddenly falls into a deep coma. Furthermore, when all medical testing ultimately reveals no physical cause for her condition, it only adds to the fear and anxiety besieging the hearts and minds of everyone involved.

Little does anyone know, though, Teeny’s loss of consciousness is far from a random act or unforeseen coincidence; as a matter of fact, it was actually pre-arranged by her grandmother as a means to communicate with her on an alternate plane of existence. Over the course of their extended “visit,” Teeny subsequently learns eye-opening celestial truths that shatter her sense of reality and transform her view of the universe – as well as everything in it. And, when she learns of the all-important “mission” to which she’s been assigned, she quickly realizes that neither she nor those she loves the most will ever be the same…

The Mouth of Babes is the first in an exciting sci-fi trilogy by debut author, Tosin Coker

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