Propositioning the Rich Italian

About the author

I am the author of sensual romance (borderline erotica) in the African American, Interracial, Multicultural and Paranormal genres. I love to write according to my moods but you will always get a story that combines a sensual energy with a captivating storyline. A native of the Dallas, TX area, I currently reside in Fort Worth, TX area.

In my free time I love to write, read, travel, cook, spend time with my family, drink coffee, eat sour sugar candy and a few other things that are bad for me. I have been creating stories in my head since I was a teenager. I have always written for my own enjoyment and pleasure but now I want to share it with other readers.

I aspire to fill the world with romance one bookshelf at a time. I specialize in full-length novels but I do have a few short stories as well. Sometimes my heroines have an edgier persona to them and sometimes they are of a softer essence. But all the time, my heroines are like real women, just trying to make a living and keep on going no matter what challenges life brings her. Racial conflict is never a part of my storyline. My character's are more focused on the romance aspect.

In my stories you will always get a strong sense of family. Growing up in the South, family dinner's have always been a big part of my life. Family togetherness shine's through in one aspect or another in most if not all of my novels.

Writing and reading books are my biggest passions and I hope to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of my books. With my stories you will find mind-stimulating indulgence that will leave you satisfied but wanting more. So settle in with a glass of wine and savor the titillating tales of characters you won't soon forget. A story so captivating you won't want to put it down even when it's over.

About the book

Tierra Davis is shocked when her fiancé abandons her at the altar. She knows just how to get over it when she meets a painstakingly handsome stranger. What better way to start over than to have a two-week affair with a complete stranger?

Antonio Carabelli walks into the bar of the hotel he co-owns after the end of a hard day and is intrigued by the woman he finds sitting there. It isn’t long before Tierra tells him about her plans to have a no-strings attached affair, and he is interested. However, he is only willing to move forward if they have physical chemistry. What better way to find out, than with a simple kiss? The results are explosive, but Antonio soon realizes he has a dilemma. Two weeks isn’t enough.

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