Instructions Not Included

About the Author

With an intentional smile and a steady step, New York native Quani Boyd has began a journey to enlighten, encourage and empower young women across the world. Her willingness to practice transparency and "lay it all on the table" allows Quani to help break barriers that keep us all from sharing our issues and ultimately defeating them.

As a Graduate of (the First Historically Black College or University) Cheyney University, Quani has taken the tools learned while majoring in Sociology to explore and address many problems being faced alone by young adults every day. It is her goal to share her failures and triumphs in hopes of spreading the word that you are not by yourself in your struggles and that it is more than possible to overcome life's obstacles!

It was while experiencing a "Quarter-Life Crisis" that Quani discovered that her love of writing and motivational speaking was more than just a hobby…it was her passion. So she set out to stop running from her purpose and decided that it was much more useful as well as therapeutic to instead take the lessons learned from her own struggles and help equip others for theirs.

In addition to an author, Quani is also the founder and president of the Plush Barbie Club. A mentoring organization based in Philadelphia. A Plush Barbie is defined as a luxurious, rare and one of a kind woman who recognizes her self-worth and embraces the idea that she is ideal and beautiful. SHE determines who she will become and how far she will go! The Club is made up of like-minded young women who are committed to growth and success in their own lives as well as in the lives of the young women mentees.

In true Quani fashion, she has resolved to surely take the lemons life has thrown her and use them to create something nourishing and beneficial for her peers and others. The goal is to pay it forward and if nothing else, help to support another in their own struggles by letting them know that they are not alone and that if they endure the process there are most certainly abundant blessings awaiting them.

About the Book:

"Instructions Not Included" gives a relatable and translucent perspective on the struggles young adults often face alone...unaware that most of us are experiencing the same concerns. This book is geared towards the "Twenty Something" crowd going through a period that can be quite confusing, frustrating and trying. Many “Twenty Somethings” question the accuracy of their choices, in turn becoming overwhelmed with “getting it right”. This period is known as the Quarter Life Crisis. After experiencing much loss, failure, and defeat author Quani Boyd chose to face her crisis, determined to triumph over it. Quani wrote this book to share her lessons with other’s experiencing their own crises..

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