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Renee Rochelle is a St. Louis native, mother of two teenage daughters, working in corporate america.

About the book

It’s a cold Tuesday night on the subway. You lock eyes with a tall, dark, handsome stranger. He follows you off the train and politely offers you a ride in his limo where you sip champagne and talk about your deepest desires. He pulls you down on the floor and makes passionate love to you. Hours later, as he is stroking your hair and feeding you strawberries, he confesses that he is a millionaire and that you are his soul mate…....wait. Did I say a cold “Tuesday night?” I meant Wednesday. Oh yah, as I was saying, you go to a home improvement store looking like sh*t, you meet a guy, you get excited. You get together, he seems interested, then after you become intimate, he tells you he wants to see other people but he still wants to be friends, you hate that sh*t, so you date other people but then you go back to dating that guy again. You realize you are in love but he still doesn't want a commitment. You stay by yourself for a while, then get lonely and start dating other people because you are just sick of it. You rinse and repeat. Yah that’s more like it. That sounds more like Single.

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