A Daddy's Love Through a Girl's Eyes

About the Author

Joyce Williams is a wife, mom, mentor and committed advocate working to improve the lives of children. Mrs. Williams' work with children brings joy to her heart and led her to serve as a teacher assistant in Tulsa, OK (Public) Schools for nine years and elevated her to a youth director position for three years at my home church. I also work with the youth at my new church, King Baptist Church.

Joyce says, "Although my husband is very active in the home, I wrote this book because of my own experience growing up without an active father. This made life very difficult at times, but I made it through with the help of my grandpa Joseph Graves help of his love and guidance, and the love of my God father Kevin Ferguson. I hope that every mother and father that reads this book to their daughter(s) understands the need to have a father figure in a girl’s life that will love her, direct her and to let her know he will be there to the end. If the father is absent, then there can be a godfather, grandpa, uncle or any male figure to guide the young girls in teaching them that they are important. I am thankful for my husband and that my daughters' have a father in the home to look up to."

About the Book

My book is about a little girl wanting to have her father in her life again, but don’t understand why things is the way they are. She continues to be positive and hope he comes around to understand that she needs him in her life.

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