False Labels: Don't Let People Label You

About the Author

Not long ago, nurse turned author Marie-Claire Nabila Kuja, Founder and CEO of False Labels Global Inc. and author of the False Label Series, heeded to her calling and began to use her gift as an author/inspirational and motivational speaker to do the work God called her to do.

2005: She started writing articles on empowerment and self- esteem for local publications.

2009: She took her writing to the next level where her short stories and articles got published in Ezine magazine an online life style magazine.

2012: She published three self-help books on girls and women empowerment (Amazon kindle top 100 bestsellers) .In the same year she started getting invitations to speak in churches and women related groups and conferences around the New York area, with the New York Theological seminary being at the top.She also started mentoring and coaching girls who called randomly to seek for advice.
2012: She founded a nonprofit organization called false Labels Global Inc. which was launched here in New York in 2013 with the mission of helping underserved girls and women around the world particularly in developing countries with self - esteem building and empowerment, tuition, micro loans etc.

2013: She created Women & Girls of strength Conference & workshop curriculum which can be used in churches, schools, women’s ministries, women’s clubs, to teach ways to build self - esteem and confidence. The model quickly got popular among workshop participants and through word of mouth and the power of social media, she was invited by 2007 CNN hero Betty Makoni from Zimbabwe to come down to southern Africa and help the girls and women whose sense of self -worth had been damaged . The trip was one of her greatest achievements as many girls and women were inspired and empowered to transform their lives.
She also founded Women who change Africa, a book and award project which showcases and recognize extraordinary African women change makers ,whose leadership create a better future, and whose life's work have created transformational impact in their homes, communities and the world. The book and award ceremony will be held in New York in January 2015.

2013: She also became a self-esteem and empowerment Columnist for Unlia magazine a lifestyle magazine based in New York.
Her books have been adopted for use in (churches, schools, youth’s groups and women’s groups in Ghana, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Bethany Baptist Church Brooklyn New York (Bible summer class) amongst others. She is a passionate speaker in numerous panels and workshops, primarily those devoted to the enhancement of self-esteem of young girls and women throughout the world. So don't hesitate to contact her for your speaking engagement needs. Her passion is to inspire, empower, encourage and motivate others to overcome any strongholds that have held them back for so long. She respects and embraces her calling as a true gift from God and is ready and willing to spread her wings throughout the world. She is originally from the African country of Cameroon and lives in New York.

About the Book

Two images from my childhood come rushing to mind when I think about the person I am today and why I do what I do. Why am I drawn to sharing my story with people all over the world? The first image is from the first time I was treated like an outcast, and told by many that I will never amount to anything. Having a child as a teenager and out of wedlock is wrong, but not as bad as the names I earned. The second image is from the way my son was treated. Not only did people call me useless for having a child out of wedlock, they transferred that unto him and called him a bastard.
That was so hurtful and destroying emotionally and completely damaged everything I ever had as self-worth. Every time I heard people call my son and I names, it reminded me of what I was not. During that period in my life I was uncomfortable, insecure, and struggling. I was at war with myself. But one day, so tired of fighting with myself, I decided to turn things the other way. I was determined to know why I was created and what my purpose in life is. While on a quest to find out my purpose I started researching the Bible and other inspirational books.

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