The book of Ruth

About the Author

Ruth Dickson is an Author, Publisher and Singer.
Becoming a Christian is the best thing that ever happened to her. She did not grow up in a Christian household and can be described as one saved by complete Grace.

She has authored several books on varied topics ranging from Deception to Humility. Her books are also published in many languages, making her books available to a wider audience.

Ruth loves children and she also enjoys writing colourful illustrated children's books. Ruth also owns her own publishing company and occasionally gives out books that can be downloaded directly from her company website.

About the Book

The Book Of Ruth is a book that hosts an incredible story. There are so many valuable lessons in it that every human being on earth can glean from. Life has its ups and downs and the way we respond to them can make or break us. The main character in the story had to make a choice. Only God could have given her the power to embark on an incredible journey.

Pure grace enabled her to leave behind all she was accustomed to, her pagan beliefs and her family. She took a journey into the unknown and her story of unshakable faith is documented in this book. The Book of Ruth has been described as a 'small gem' and 'masterpiece'.We have people to learn from who have visibly gone through every-day struggles and problems and have come through as pure gold. Her life has been beautifully recorded for the living today, we are to imitate her faith. 'Where You Go, I shall Go" - Ruth Boaz

Below are some links to the books she has on offer:
Ready downloadable book in English:
Ready downloadable book in German:
Ready downloadable book in Dutch

Other languages available on her website include: French, Russian, Mandarin, and Filipino:

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