The 21 Day Journey

 About the Author

Chasity Carr is the author of The 21 Day Journey a book that seeks to inspire and motivate young and old alike to start out on their new path of self-discovery while finding solace in God’s word. Chasity is the founder of MotivatedMe, a motivational brand seeking to change the world one vision at a time. Her website is Chasity is the mother of 3 daughters, Kailyn, Khloe, and Kellie. She enjoys writing, singing, and watching sports.

About the book

This book takes you on a journey of self discovery which causes plans to change not knowing what to expect at times, but through it all, understanding your worth and trusting God for everything. This book will ignite a burning desire to unchain your mind, break strongholds on your life, understand God's plan for you and defeat the enemies plans for you to fail.

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