Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor

(Author Quientola Eicher)

About the author

Author, Quientola Eicher is an industrious woman who recently retired from Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute as a specialist. She is an active member of a dynamic church.

She sings in the choir and serves on the audio ministry. She is also a bible scholar in the foundational bible study class. She enjoys writing poems and reading books. She lived in Lansing, Michigan for 15 years and recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband.

About the book

Olivia is a woman that has lived alone for fifteen years after escaping from a disturbing past, and she has established a good life serving God faithfully. She has a good job and a nice home. On her way to work one day, she witnesses an accident and stops to help a stranger. This changes her orderly way of life completely.

The young woman she rescues, Shantell, has a young son and she is dying of leukemia. Shantell needs a bone marrow transplant, the only one that can help her is her father, but she is running out of time.

In Shantell's desperation, she disappears for a few weeks, leaving Olivia to care for her son, before she realizes she needs help. When she returns to claim her son, Olivia receives her reluctantly into her home. Together they learn to trust one another and live together like a mother and daughter.

In Shantell's quest to find her father, she unexpectedly lands a job at a Christian radio station working alongside a young man she suspects may be her half-brother. He has the same last name as her father. He informs her through her indirect inquisitiveness that his father is the bishop of Mt. Zion church.

Shantell established a friendship with him, but he finds out by accident that she may be related to him. He thinks she is trying to blackmail his father and doesn't want to have anything to do with her until she is almost sexually assaulted by another co-worker. He comes to her aid and they establish a bond between them.
Olivia is in search of a new church because of her dissatisfaction with her former pastor's decision to get a divorce. Shantell convinces Olivia to try Mt. Zion. They are both overwhelmed but quite pleased with this new church, and Olivia finds herself attracted to Bishop Perry, a widower.

Olivia's past catches up with her, forcing her to face lies and deception concerning a crime she did not commit. She is left wondering if she is worthy to be a bishop's wife.Shantell is confounded on how to let Bishop Perry know that she is his daughter and needs his help. She stalls in telling him, convinced that she would ruin his reputation, until she is on her death bed.

Olivia steps in to help her young friend, by asking the bishop to be a donor for Shantell. He agrees to do it, still unaware that Shantell is his daughter, but first he has to go out of town for an engagement to be a guest speaker on a well known talk show. The airplane that he was presumed to be on, crashes, but Olivia finds out he was not on the plane.

At the last minute, when all hope seems lost, Bishop Perry is able to make it in time to donate the bone marrow tissue to his daughter and it is a match.
Olivia is able to put her past behind her and look to the future as a new bride.

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