The Ultimate Plan

(Author Nicole B. Simpson)

About the author

Elder Nicole B. Simpson is the host of "The Power of Gospel Radio Show" that airs each week on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday evenings. As the host of "The Power of Gospel" she is honored and excited when a visionary comes along with a life changing message for the world.

God has given her that same type of message through her new release "The Ultimate Plan" because she has weathered the storms in her life and grasped the opportunity that presented itself during her wilderness season by moving into ministry full time, opening her own financial planning firm (Harvest Wealth Financial) and promoting economic empowerment in the penal system, throughout the body of Christ and at schools/organizations across America.

Society has encountered natural disasters too numerous to count, untimely and unfortunate shootings across America, and major layoffs for any employees working in the corporate and manufacturing sector-clearly we must have a plan of action in place to deal with these issues. The book "The Ultimate Plan" is a faith based financial planning book that helps us to protect ourselves from events in life that will naturally occur. Elder Simpson believes that opportunity presents itself in the midst of every storm. The question becomes, can you recognize it? How do you handle the crisis in your life?

About the book

Opportunity presents itself in the midst of the storm! Even with the best laid out plans, life happens. People die, people lose jobs, people separate, people start over, and sometimes people lose everything.

What separates survivors is the belief that in spite of tragedy, one can survive the pressures of life. Having a life plan is critical. This workshop will teach people how to take the necessary steps to ensure financial stability during the different seasons, giving them greatest opportunity to move forward in life.

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