Positively Positive

(Author Bhatupe Mhango)

About the author
Bhatupe has a background in political education, gender mainstreaming and HIV management. She has worked with a number of international organizations, including UNDP and the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

In her home country, Malawi, Bhatupe was involved in the networking and management of various social groups at national level and served as the Chairperson for the Young Women Leaders` Network and as Vice President for Public Relations for the Lilongwe Toastmasters Club.

She also served, by presidential appointment, on the board of the Malawi Institute of Management. In 2004 she produced a personal documentary of her experience of living with HIV titled Open Up that was disseminated both nationally and internationally for the use of youth empowerment programs in the area of HIV.

In 2005 she founded a women`s non-governmental organization called The Crisis Center which offers telephone counseling services to local women. Today, Bhatupe is a competent Toastmaster and is currently working as the 1st International Coordinator of UN Plus, an advocacy initiative within the United Nations, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Positively Positive, a devotional on overcoming the challenges of living with HIV for young, Christian women (Kachere Series, 2006) is Bhatupe`s first publication. She has knowingly been living with HIV for 7 years now and is now working on her first novel, ``To all my sisters``, due end 2009.

About the book

Positively Positive is Bhatupe`s first book. It is a devotional written for the reader`s use over a period of one month. It delves into complicated issues of self-esteem and personal motivation. It asks difficult questions about purpose and drive and prompts the reader into developing a life-plan and a renewal of mindset on sensitive issues, such as those posed by HIV and AIDS.

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