Soulful Strut

(Author Lynn Emery)

About the author

Mix knowledge of voodoo, Louisiana politics and forensic social work with the dedication to write fiction while working each day as a clinical social worker, and you get a snapshot of author Lynn Emery.

Lynn has been a contributing consultant to the magazine Today's Black Woman for three articles about contemporary relationships between black men and women. Lynn is a licensed social worker with a special interest in mental health issues as they affect women, and in particular women of color.

About the book

New life, New love
Monette Victor spent 15 years in prison for a crime she didn't commit. Now she's free, and making up for stolen time. She's bared her soul in a best selling tell-all memoir, hosts a hit radio talk show, and has more speaking gigs than she knows what to do with. And she's counseling young black women at risk. Monette's suddenly the hottest sister in the city--and she's got no time for romance.

But here comes Jayson Odum, a self-made businessman and a sweet, black Adonis in overalls. It's all wrong and Monette knows it. His folks are the Huxtables, her's are pure, messed-up 'hood'. She's an ex-con, he's so clean he squeaks. Monette's had to stay tough to gain respect, and she can't afford any more mistakes in her life. But she's about to be blindsided by a big dose of bad trouble--and maybe driving Jayson away would be the worst mistake she ever made.

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