Interview With Love

About the Author

Lisa Watson is a native of Washington D.C. The city’s historic and political backdrop fed Watson’s romantic imagination. Currently, Lisa resides in North Carolina where she is an Asset Management Specialist as a subcontractor to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. She recently celebrated her 14th wedding anniversary and is the mother of two pre-teens.

Lisa is the co-publicist for RT BookReview Magazine’s annual RT Booklovers Conventions. She secures author media interviews for National Bestselling authors like L.A. Banks, Christine Feehan, Bobbi Smith, Brenda Jackson, Heather Graham, Barry Eisler, and Jim Butcher.

Lisa’s hobbies include writing fan fiction based on the characters of the popular television series, Remington Steele, her true Guilty Pleasure for which she has a National and International fan base. Lisa loves visiting picturesque locales that always seem to find a way into her latest novels.

Lisa’s short story, The Reunion, was featured in Sun Magazine’s 10-Minute Love Story column. Her debut novel, Watch Your Back continues to receive rave reviews, and was nominated for a 2010 Afr’Am Literary Fest award. Lisa has been interviewed in various magazines, radio shows and on several book club and Blog sites.

Lisa Watson's second novel, Interview with Love (Urban Renaissance, December 2010) will introduce readers to Sienna Lambert and Vaughn Deveraux. When Love Speaks…You’d Better Listen! Lisa is currently working on and another romantic suspense, Brace for Impact. Married for almost 15 years, Lisa is the mother of a thirteen year-old son, an eleven year-old daughter, and a six year-old Yellow Lab, Boomer.

About the Book

No nonsense consumer psychologist, Sienna Lambert moderates focus groups to assist her clients with marketing their products to target audiences. Her newest client, Dexter Clothiers has developed state of the art men's undergarments, Best Kept Secrets that become more comfortable the longer they’re worn. Sienna interviews men from all professions and walks of life to get their opinion on the line.

When adrenaline junkie, Vaughn Deveraux meets Sienna he takes her breath away—literally. After a run-in at a client softball outing Sienna assumes Vaughn is one of the new models for Dexter Clothiers. Vaughn tells her he’s the Creative Director at the company advertising the line and jokes that he leaves the modeling in the very capable hands of his younger brother, Pierce, a retired professional football player who’s had a great deal of experience with women asking questions about his briefs.

Though intrigued, Sienna keeps her distance when she finds out he works with her client, but Vaughn’s fun nature and zest for living prove too irresistible to ignore. Sienna’s once calm, predictable life gets turned upside down when Vaughn shows her that sometime’s life is better when you experience it instead of researching it.

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