Women, What The Hell Are You Thinking Now?

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Someone once asked Cheryl Donovan what her passion was in life, she said, “God has given me a heart for women who are struggling with life’s twists and turns. My message to them is even when we can’t diagnose the problem; God’s word can bring us healing and wholeness. I want to bring this message to all women. I want them to understand that until they fall in love with Jesus, the chains of sin and bondage will never be broken.”

Donovan lives in Houston with her husband Keith Donovan, who made his writing debut in Do You Still Do What Happens Happily Ever After, the couples transparent piece on the realities of relationships and what it takes to have a marriage of purpose. They are the parents of three adult children and grandparents to two handsome grandsons.

Donovan grew up in Houston, Texas the daughter of parents who divorced when she was four. Her father is a prominent Baptist preacher in Houston. In spite of the vicissitudes of life which found Cheryl a pregnant teen in an abusive marriage, she has now become a highly sought after inspirational speaker, educator, talk show host, and award winning author.
One reviewer has said, “She has truly mastered the ability to “break one down in order to build one up,” much like a master subtly shaping the hearts and minds of unwitting students.”

That passion and sincerity also comes through in person. “Cheryl’s students at a proprietary school in Houston just enjoy her presence because she’s very open about speaking about her confusions and her shortcomings. She also shares her triumphs, breakthrough, and accomplishments and that’s something a lot of the students find refreshing.

About the Book

You are pregnant with purpose, pregnant with greatness. Allow the baby to be born. Don’t permit the enemy to abort the baby. God has deposited something great on the inside of you and it’s time for your delivery! Let the weak say I’m strong and the poor say I’m rich; Rich with the power of the Spirit, Rich with the Word of God, Rich with health, Rich with strength and courage. Take authority over the enemy and declare dominion over everything God has for you. Reclaim your purpose, reclaim your hopes, reclaim your destiny, and reclaim your dreams!

God has a big life for you, one that has peace, joy, and wholeness. His plan includes love and value, purpose and fulfillment, provision and supply. Whatever has caused you to be broken, the areas in your life that aren’t working or are ineffective, the areas where you feel powerless, doing nothing and going nowhere, God wants to put them back together again! But you can’t get to the upper level when you’re stuck on the ground floor.

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