Being Bliss: A Guidebook for Wholeness, Health and Joy

Author the Author

Indigo Ocean is the founder of the Phone Buddies Emotional Support Community and the former host of the Together in Spirit radio show. She holds an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology, a holistic form of psychotherapy that addresses the spiritual and energetic aspects of psychological health, and is a Reiki Master and Johrei practitioner who has helped hundreds of people transform their lives through intensive 1-hour energy healing sessions. She has served on the Board of a number of non-profits over the years and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she runs a small business helping businesses and non-profit organizations increase their success.

About the book

Being Bliss: A Guidebook for Wholeness, Health and Joy, was inspired when the author received a false medical diagnosis that made her fear for her life. The clarity that she developed during the 3 months it took to verify that she was not in fact imperiled was that if she was going to leave this world soon, she didn't want to leave without having shared the fruits of her own path of suffering and triumph over suffering with others.

Indigo Ocean began life in difficult circumstances and attempted suicide the first time when she was only 9 years old. Through spiritual study and practice she was able to transform a life of utter despair into a life guided and infused by the bliss of our true inner nature. Too often African-Americans are taught that life is about victimhood and powerlessness. Suffering is held up almost as if a noble ideal.

Though there has been a great deal of suffering in the history of our people, there has also been a great deal of inner strength, beauty and joy. Being Bliss is a guidebook for amplifying that triumpth in our lives so that it becomes the dominant story, allowing us to finally be free to create the lives of sweetness we choose for ourselves, instead of being limited to the lives of bitterness that those who have hated us would wish to limit us to.

Being Bliss is a book of stories and techniques that will help you learn from the author's experiences and training with confirmation that miracles do happen, that no matter how bad things are you can change your life by changing your choices, that many of these techniques can be easily learned and grown into skills, and that out of the many tools presented, there will be one that will have a powerfully transformative effect for you if diligently practiced.

The book is available both in paperback and on Kindle and other ebook formats. The most recent edition is the ebook version available at and and it is the author's preference that readers purchase this updated edition whenever possible.

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