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Sherry Michelle was born and raised in Miami, Fl. She is currently residing in East Atlanta, GA. She started writing one day while working a concierge security desk job and what started off as just something to do to pass time, quickly developed into a strong passion for her. Writing gave her a new outlook on life and provided her with a broader perspective of her capabilities. With a vivid imagination, some personal sacrifices, and creativity, she worked diligently to create a page turning fictional adult novel.

Working to maintain a normal living and provide for her family, often her manuscript was put onto the back burner. But after a couple of years of not writing, it was the encouragement and positive feedback from her friends and family that motivated Sherry to pick up where she left off and finally complete her novel. Convinced that she had a bestseller-filled with drama, suspense, and erotic sexual tension, Sherry Michelle stepped out on faith and self- published Chaos.

About the book

When Danielle’s married boyfriend Malik suggests a ménage trio, sex, lies, and betrayal prove to be the perfect ingredients for chaos. The rules were set and both parties agreed that this would be a one-time affair; that was until Danielle wanted more. With an uncanny craving to touch, feel, and taste a woman, she found herself breaking all the rules as she continued a secret relationship with Ariel; the woman she befriended online for the purpose of the ménage trio.

Wanting to deny her newfound sexuality and keep to the promises she made to Malik, Danielle abruptly ends her secret affair with Ariel. But shortly after ending the affair, crippled by her desires, Danielle finds herself living a double life. Blissfully happy with her new love interest Alexis Roberts (Lexy), Danielle is soon torn between the woman who loves her unconditionally and the man she would never exclusively have.

Realizing her needs and wants couldn’t be fulfilled by one person, but two separate entities; she chooses who she needs over who she wants. With her mind made up to be monogamous with Lexy, Danielle finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. Disapproving, Malik strongly suggests that her only option was to have an abortion. But when Danielle fails to go through with it, things turn for the worst.

Named as the primary suspect after Danielle is gruesomely attacked, Malik's financial status proves to be more substantial than any hard-core evidence presented against him. Hearts are broken and lives are destroyed as Danielle takes justice into her own hands. With the bang of the judge's gavel after the juror’s deliberation, Malik's sentence is rendered; except not by the presiding judge, but by Danielle Cyrus herself.

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