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A native of Savannah, Ga., Jeri L.M.S. Guyette has been writing since childhood. She has read and performed her poetry at notable open mics such as Nokturnal Escape's Soul Release, Jacksonville, Fl. and Spitfire Poetry Group, Savannah, Ga. She has also expounded her works at Barnes and Noble bookstores in Georgia and Florida and Borders Books, Southern California. Jeri has graced numerous coffee houses, jazz clubs, educational and charitable events throughout the Southeast.

She has completed three previous chapbooks, A Taste of Rain - A Love Poem Collection © 2003, Southern Peaches and Mediterranean Olives- Poetry from the Vine © 2005 and Mosaic-The Multifaceted Evolution of a Woman © 2008 all published under her literary company, Casa Zia Productions, Ga. She has also completed a collection of short stories revolved around the rich experience of growing up in the South. Jeri's work has been featured and published in Seaswells-The Art and Literary Magazine of College of Coastal Georgia since 2005, earning Honorable Mentions and winning second place in the Austin / Garner Prose Award of 2007. A world traveler, she currently resides with her two daughters in Georgia.

About the book

…And This Too Shall Pass ~ A Poetic Gallery ~ Book Description
... And This Too Shall Pass ~ A Poetic Gallery ~ encompasses poetry that speaks from the heart. It takes its readers on a lyrical journey chronicling the emotional and physical power of destructive love to the uplifting confidence and empowerment of love of one's self and finally embracing the restorative beauty of being loved by others. Written in free verse, peppered with haikus and tankas and seasoned with poetic compositions inspired by such artists as Nicci Gilbert, Anthony David and Kem, this contemporary collection brings a new voice to the genre of poetry: the voice of Jeri L.M.S. Guyette.

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