The Execumama’s Survival Guide

About the author

Stop presenting. Start being present!

That’s the life chant™ at The Life Design Agency,brainchild of Akilah S. Richards, entrepreneur,author, and advocate of all things Empowered Woman. Akilah‘s Work-Life mantra—Define, Design and Live your Fullest Version of Woman—has landed her in the role of trusted lifestyle management resource for women who crave less stressful, more fulfilled lives.

Akilah continues to be called upon to share her effective Life Design strategies that explore lifestyle topics such as entrepreneurship, marriage, parenting, and partnerships. She speaks at women’s conferences, health and wellness-based events in the United States and the Caribbean, and at her self-produced events that provide lifestyle guidance to women, mothers, and entrepreneurs.

Coverage in national publications both online and in print help Akilah connect and serve a diverse group of women.The Jamaican-born lover of good books and meaningful music resides in metro Atlanta with her husband and their two daughters.

About the book

When a woman is fully expressed, she can consistently step outward, further into the world, with clarity, confidence, and courage as her allies. She can define her ideal lifestyle based on her real needs, not the forced ones; she can design a lifestyle, decision by small decision, that serves her, not imprisons her and isolates her from her true self; and she can live in a space of un-muted expression, constant exploration, self-fulfillment, and enough love and joy to spread to her family and friends.

I wrote about rejecting the myth of work-life balance, and other lifestyle survival techniques in my latest book, The Execumama’s Survival Guide: Strategies and Soulwork for surviving the daily challenges of our work-life flow. The book is divided into seven survival categories—Fear, Relationships, Authenticity, Balance, Money, Excellence, and Growth—and is sold in conjunction with Lifestyle Design worksheets and an audio version of the book, as part of the full Execumama’s Survival Kit.

If you’re up for considering that life isn’t always going to feel like a perfected yoga pose, and that you get to be present and unapologetically you in all aspects of that life, then The Kit is the ideal place to start.

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