About the Author

Mariposa Urbana is the 'Mistress of the Pen'. Everything that I have ever seen or been through can become inspiration for my next project. I use the name Mariposa Urbana due to the fact that regardless of my surroundings I still flourish and I'm still just 'me'. Writing is my life. I wake up and grab a pen or my tablet and either pick up where I left off or begin something new. It's like the ultimate thrill for me.

I always say if there is money to be made out there I'll get it, one way or the other. My mother is the source for my go get em attitude. Watching her as a kid taught me that you have to use what you know to make a better life for you and yours. And in my case its writing. I honestly don't think that there is anything else out there for me.


About the Book

Dyce is a Nuyo-Rican hustler who is on top of his game with his hands into a little bit of everything. He loves living the lifestyle and has no intention on slowing down but then he meets Kimori. Instantly he s drawn to this mysterious rose amongst thorns from the bricks of Jacksonville, NC. A passion fueled romance forms and there is no stopping Dyce and Kim. Thinking she has found the love she has always desired, reality settles in when Kim discovers Dyce life as a hustler. Sex, lies, and the ultimate deceit come along when Dyce s ex-partner decides it s now his time for a come up and he s going to take over all that Dyce has built. When Kimori and their newborn son are taken hostage a no holds barred war begins. Any and everybody has become a target to Dyce as he goes into an all-out destruction mode. The last battle for the throne of the east coast has begun. But once the dust settles will this be the final act to end Dyce and Kim forever?

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