Good Orderly Direction

About the Author

Ayin Adams, PhD, Msc.D, is a native New Yorker. She is also an international metaphysician, spiritual director, and intuitive therapist. Adams is a holistic teacher of self-development and consciousness. Adams utilizes her gift of words to heal, educate, and entertain.

Adams is the author of more than seven books. Adams has been published by “Women in the Moon” publishing, Bum Rush, The Page, In The Family, and Quiet Mountain Essays. Adams is the winner of numerous awards and grants, including the 1998 Pat Parker Poetry Award, the 1999 Audre Lorde Memorial Prose Prize, the 2001 President’s Award for Literary Excellence, and the Zora Neal Hurston/Richard Wright Award. Adams documents our passage in time using her writings and tonality of voice to help one break out of the current constraints and fragmentation of daily and habitual life. She assists and facilitates individuals to co-create their future, especially as many of the established structures of society may be falling apart. Adams lives with the intention of suiting up, showing up, and following through. Adams embraces the firm belief that everything is in Divine Order. Ayin Adams organizes and leads spiritual retreats geared towards the transformational transcendence of mind, body, and soul.


About the Book

Good Orderly Direction is a daily reflection book for the entire year. This book is full of positive daily affirmations and directions for reducing stress and creating inner peace. It is a powerful guide to the reader. It offers practical tools for attaining a more compassionate, responsible and fulfilling life and inspires the reader to take charge of his/her problems, relationships, sadness, and life's painful tests and situations.

The themes run from the universal to the personal: the power to see oneself and to change, the rewards of embracing a higher good, and the directions to develop and enhance nurturing relationships. There is a space for the reader to reflect on each reading for the day and write down thoughts and ideas. Good Orderly Direction offers the reader the hope for change through acceptance, spiritual practices, and moving through inertia and negativity by making right choices. It opens spiritual doors to seeing beyond appearances; Ayin Adams opens the door to Grace.

Good Orderly Direction reflects the author’s enthusiasm and contagious energy; Adams words communicate new ways of understanding and to help the reader navigate life's ever changing waters and sometimes turbulent situations.

Good Orderly Direction inspires wholeness and fulfillment and is about living in the consciousness of now, knowing, loving and healing the Divine self, both physically and spiritually. This book is about the necessity of stillness, listening, observing, and patience, in order to find personal inner freedom and a healthy balance between being and doing. This book opens the path to a new level of consciousness, an inner glow of well-being, and a more harmonious life.

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Book information:
ISBN 978-0-9840204-8-5
Publisher: Pacific Raven Press Publishing
Pgs. 396

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