The Gentle Extortion

About the Book

After surviving a lightning strike Kelli discovers unusual side effects, such as being impervious to cold temperatures and causing fires and explosions when she becomes frightened or upset. At first the incidents occur accidentally, but when she realizes that she is causing the incendiary incidents, she recruits Gwen to help her learn how to control them. Gwen also helps (and encourages) Kelly in the criminal enterprise of extortion.


The main character (Kelli) is dangerously depressed (almost suicidal), is sometimes belligerent, has a good sense of humor, has a bad temper and she cares about people and her community. Her friend Gwen is a widow, has no compunctions about helping her friend break the law, is smart and appreciates Kelli’s ability to make her laugh.
It is primarily a story about friendship and how sometimes you can count on friends to keep your secrets and sometimes help you do outrageous and even unlawful things. It also gives a message about the importance of participating in the welfare of your community.

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