A Black Child's Lullaby

About the Author

Stephanie Yarbrough-Mason born February 20th 1965 in Flint, Michigan. Currently studies Psychology at Central Michigan University Global Campus. Stephanie is a first-time self-published author who has maintained a career in the insurance and financial service sector for a top firm in Michigan.

Stephanie is also the proud mother of two, Blake and Cherell who both are attending college. As far as she can remember, which has been most of her life, she has a great passion to write poetry or short stories. With a huge amount of courage and determination she completed, what she call a Bucket-list project. Stephanie's primary goal for this book was to try and reach out to young African Americans between the ages of 16 to 27 years of age; because she feels compelled to help those who are at a fragile stage of adulthood.

About the Book

This book is inspirational . This is a must read. Especially for young African Americans. It appears that some of the youth in the African American and for all Americans It was designed and package to be a convenient read but powerful! Enjoy!!


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