God Can Deliver You : 'The Gay Society'

About the Author

Kristie is married with two children, a graduate from EIWTC in Ministerial Training, author, business owner, and a woman living for Christ. She lives a life that is truly an inspiring testimony and encouragement for everyone that may be evilly influenced in all unnatural sex practices. Convinced that Christ died for her deliverance and yours, she is spreading love that causes deliverance for those who need a way out. She has had her own share of personal encounters with homosexuality and understands the totality of it by God's grace and enlightenment. At the age of five Kristie experienced sexual abuse and that was only the beginning. Her life took many turns and she flowed as if she had no paddle or will to paddle.
By the age of 23 she heard God speaking and that is when deliverance came. With Kristie all ears and willing God had no other choice but to make her aware of who she really was. She had always known that homosexuality was not of God but didn't know how to get rid of the desires. No one had told her it was wrong but she felt deep within a lack of peace. Jesus was constantly tugging at her, He felt her yearning to be loved and have peace. Kristie is a firm believer that God will come if you desire Him. She says, if you want change, you can have it, by accepting the changer which is Christ. With her life as a testament she now stands in the gap for her family and all of those who suffer with identity crisis. Kristie has set out to allow God to use her to build a bridge for deliverance, by God's grace and love. With the Word of God as her bag of tools, she knows and is willing to love others by sharing Jesus until their lives change. Kristie is confident in knowing that good and evil cannot be constructed together. Jesus is the foundation and there is no room for Satan! She says: Allow God to deliver you, use you, and task you with an onsite job. The Lord God loves to love you, so let Him.

About the Book

Feeling Trapped In Homosexuality? Looking For A Way Out? Or Know Who Is?

Many people are barely keeping their heads above the water struggling to survive in a pool of mental torment and pain. The voice in the mind forming homosexual desires can be extremely loud. But listen for the whisper that is giving you instructions to break free, that's God! He's calling you to be delivered. God Can Deliver You: The Gay Society, is simply a tool of guidance for someone who is walking in the same shoes the author once walked in; searching for peace. This book is written by someone with first-hand experience looking to influence the world with love, give direction, and answer those quiet questions tucked away in a person's heart. Why have I felt this way for so long? Is there a way out? Why are people gay? What does the statistics prove? To some, the pathway may seem impossible, but it's not. The unsettling tracks built in someone over time can be reversed by deposits of God's word. Yes, you can live free, happy, and peaceful. Jesus loves you and has paved a way for your deliverance.

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