Laila's Life

About the Author

Darcel started Laila's Life a couple of years ago after completing her bachelor's degree in Education.​ She has a master's degree in Performance & Training Technology from the University of Northern Iowa. She recently has decided to get back into education and teach both elementary and college level courses. She plans to continue to write and be an inspiration. Her goal is to be the best example she can be for her daughter and hopefully motivate others while doing it. She has also just launched the Laila's Life Annual Scholarship for a deserving graduating senior starting in 2015.

About the Book

Laila's Life has taken on many forms from when it started until what you see now. One thing that hasn't changed is the overall message of the book. That being, that our children need to learn what it means to develop a positive character. Teaching our children to make positive choices is vital. Lending a helping hand to someone in need and being a leader are just a few ways to help them get there. Laila's Life does exactly that. Through the main character's journeys, she urges children to communicate effectively, not bully, have confidence, be a good friend, and be a great leader.#TeamLaila

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