Drunk for 27 years


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Cynthia Banks is the owner and director of The Little Teapot Daycare Center, founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 1993; and is President of Banks Entertainment, LLC a Concert, Tour Booking and Management Company. She is also an Accreditation Validator for the National Association of Family Childcare and a board member of Agape, Kids, an organization that supports the needs and concerns of children of battered women. One of the most rewarding organizations that Cynthia has the privilege of being a part of is the Stop Aids Leadership Project. S.S.A.L.P. was conceived out of the concern for the growing number of AIDS/HIV infected African Americans in the community. Cynthia hosts and participates in events and HIV/AIDS testing sites throughout Texas to encourage the public to “Know Your Status”.


About the book

Drunk for 27 years, the compelling true story of Priscilla Gibson, mother of singer, actor and model Tyrese Gibson, suffered 27 years with alcoholism. The book reveals the unconditional love that her children had for their mother, who despite all they had experienced remained just the strength she needed to make it through.

Suffering abuse at the hands of an alcoholic mother, Priscilla began drinking at a very young age, and continued into her adult years. Many factors manipulated the course of Priscilla’s life, causing her to make one bad choice after another until she finally made the choice to live and not die.

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