I Want What Most White Women Got: A Black Man

About the author

Veronica Blakely, the author of the best selling book of poetry titled, I Want What Most White Women Got: A Black Man, is a native of Tampa, Florida where she teaches Reading to inner city High School students. She previously worked as a Manager in Corporate America; however, she considers being a Teacher the most important, challenging and rewarding opportunity of her career. Veronica is working on her second book which will be the novel version of her first book.

Veronica is also a Voice Over Talent, Speech Coach, Reading Coach and she teaches life skills to inner city kids and adults on a consultant basis. She is a devout Christian who attends church regularly and she is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Veronica is currently working on her doctorate in Education

About the book

Veronica Blakely, a dark-skinned divorcee, has opened a can of worms and an opportunity for some dialogue in her book of poetry titled, I Want What Most White Women Got: A Black Man. The book looks at relationships in the African American community and ponders why some Black men prefer women who are “light” or white.
The book does NOT bash males NOR is it about racism. The book instead brings to the forefront how dating and marriage has changed drastically for African American women.

The book is written in three parts starting with The Issues at Hand with topics like:

* Color Struck
* P.H.A.T. vs. FAT
* Drama Queen
* W.W.W.F. (White Women Won’t Fight)
* Low-down vs. Down-low
* She is Still White to Me

In addition, there are poems of affirmation on the beauty Black women possess in spite of feeling they have been snubbed by Brothers.
The second section titled, Words of Wisdom is dedicated to women on life, love and living. Tips such as:”Find a God fearing man instead of just a good feeling man,” among other meaningful and uplifting tips.
The third and final section wraps up with B.M.W. “Black Men Wanted”, with poems describing men in all shapes, shades, sizes, and stages of their lives who are celebrated just for being who they are.

Veronica’s book was released in December 2006 and was listed as the #2 Best Seller on Mosaic Books.Com in February 2007 (2 months later). Her book is still on the top ten best seller’s list and has received critical acclaim from readers around the country.

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