How Will I Know My Children When I Get to Heaven? A Mother’s Tales of Hope


About the author

Grace Virtue is a graduate of Howard University, Washington, D.C. and the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.

A keen student of history, societies and cultures, Virtue has received major international recognition including her designation as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and a fellow of the Inter-American Press Association.

She is also a professional writer and has published numerous newspaper articles in the Gleaner, the largest newspaper in the Caribbean, for Women’s Features Service/Inter Press Service (WFS/IPS) and the former Caribbean News Agency (CANA).

She is a frequent contributor to the Howard Magazine, an alumni publication with a circulation of more than 80, 000.

Virtue is a fine public speaker with an uncanny ability to electrify audiences with her authenticity, her simple message of hope and mesmerizing story-telling techniques.

Her areas of interest include mass media and social responsibility; poverty and marginalization, particularly as it affects women, children and minorities; faith, parenting, the achievement gap between minorities and other groups, and multiculturalism.

She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with her two daughters and her dog.


About the book

How Will I Know My Children When I Get to Heaven? A Mother’s Tales of Hope offers a blunt critique on child rearing in America in the 21st century from the unique perspective of a single, immigrant mother and writer raising two daughters in Montgomery County, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

The work is inspired by the children’s questions and the family’s real experiences over 12 years in the United States.

Children and the environment, sexism, racism, multiculturalism, the Achievement Gap, abortion rights, gay rights, unmarried motherhood, stranger danger, sibling rivalry, media influences, obesity, body image, death and dying, integrity, life’s uncertainties, selfhood and materialism, faith, hope and other issues impacting the modern family, all come under the writer’s insightful gaze.

Further, the book explores the wisdom of choices made, as well as our ability to turn even the most unfortunate situations into opportunities for renewal and growth. The classic quotes at the beginning of each chapter capture the essence of the lessons learned and add to its inspirational values.

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